We turn 401K to a secured pension

Certainty, Max Retirement Paycheck and Flexibility

Our 401K Product

Saving years

Your savings are invested in funds managed by top tier managers

The funds are efficient and  balance growth and capital preservation


You receive a monthly statement with the one number you care about – a guaranteed paycheck


Your retirement paycheck can only increase over the years.  Never decline

As you add saving your retirement paycheck grows

You have Flexibility

Pre retirement you can add or withdraw funds without a penalty 

You can take the fund with you as you switch jobs. Your benefits are unaffected

At Retirement

If you elect to receive a pension: 

You exchange your fund with a pension provided by an insurer

If you don’t elect a pension you can do with your funds as you wish


An Innovative Approach


  • We split retirement risk to market and longevity risks
  • We manage market risk inside a Smart Target Date Fund
  • We place longevity risk with insurance companies
  • This model reduces the capital insurance companies allocate to the business versus alternatives.  You get higher retirement paycheck as a result

Why Us?


  • Our product meets DOL criteria for Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA)
  • We daily monitor your investments
  • We use competitive auctions to get you the best paycheck.  Yet we have strict criteria re who we do business with

Our Team

Eric Ben-Artzi, CEO


Eric holds a PhD in mathematics from NYU, and worked as a risk manager, structurer and quantitative analyst for major U.S. banks.

Yoav Tamir, Chairman


Yoav holds an MBA from Stanford University, and worked as a portfolio manager and risk manager for major U.S. insurance companies and banks.

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What is a Smart Target Date Fund

Smart Target Date Fund is at the core a target date fund that over time shifts assets from equity to fixed income following a glide path.  The difference is that Smart Date funds shifts money from equity to fixed income as the equity market does well but not vice versa.  A standard target date fund shift money back and forth to get back to its glide path 

I got it, but why am I required to manage my money in a Smart Target Date Fund?

 A Smart Target Date Fund is designed to work efficiently with our guarantees.  It also meets Department Of Labor criteria for Qualified Default Investment Alternative 

Why is Gannuity needed?  Are you just another layer of fees?

Gannuity splits retirement risk and places market risk in a fund, not with an insurance company.  This split is key to reducing the cost of providing our product.  Gannuity also places the longevity risk among several insurance companies.  This competitive process improves the rate retirees get and diversifies their long term exposures to several insurance companies.  Lastly, Gannuity monitors daily that funds comply with stated asset allocation policies. 

How does Gannuity get paid?

  Gannuity charges an annual fee of 0.15% of assets it manages. 

Who provides the guarantee?

 Top tier insurance companies 

How do I know the insurance company will be there to provide me with a paycheck?

Gannuity deals only with top tier insurance companies.  We ensure that customers are diversified among several insurance companies.  Lastly, there are State funds that guarantees customers in case of an insurance company failure.